Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What to look for when buying a coffee maker?

Q. I'd like to buy a coffee maker (the espresso type) but they're a bit pricey on average £250. I have however seen others for around £100 and wondered what the difference is and what I should look out for.

A. There's a huge difference between pump and steam espresso machines, and the bars of pressure in the machines (needed to compact the grounds when brewing). I had a cheap Melitta before; and now have a DeLonghi Magnifica 3300 which is unbelievable! It has a water reservoir and a bean reservoir; grinds beans fresh for each cup. In addition, you can make multiple cups, without waiting for the machine to "cool down" (a con with cheaper machines). It has a great frother too; and a reservoir to hold use grinds, so you aren't emptying them after each cup (another con with cheaper machines). ... Check out the stats for the Magnifica 3300. Yes, it's pricey, but you can find it New on eBay (with warranty & still in box), and it's rated the highest of just about any other machine.......

Does anyone know of a good coffee maker with a timer so your coffee is ready in the morning?
Q. My husband wants one, and I want to get him one for christmas, but it has to have a timer so its ready and brewed in the morning. Does anyone have one? Tell me the make and model so I can look for one please! And not too pricey?

Soooooo Appreciate Your Suggestions.xxx
Ha ha! Its why I want to get him one so I dont have to get up before him lol!

A. your husband wants one? It is called W I F E! and it is free!
All you down thumbers don't you have ANY sense of humour??

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