Monday, July 22, 2013

What is the best Bean to Cup Coffee Maker?

Q. I am considering Di Longhi, Krups or Siemens, But any info is most welcome. I don't want a cheap one, but something that will do lots of different coffees and is RELIABLE.

A. Gaggia are the most solid but pricey. DeLonghi has a better reputation than the Krups for reliability

Are the new coffee makers compatible with each other?
Q. Are coffee makers like Tassimo and Senseo compatible, so that if you use a Tassimo, say, you could use Senseo coffee? Or do you always have to use the same coffee as the coffee maker itself?

A. If you want to know if a coffee capsule from one make will fit another well NO, it is done an purpose, so you buy the coffee capsule that goes with that machine, the NESPRESSO range is quite expensive for a cup, The best way if you want to try different brands is the type of machine that uses the round tea bag type portions as they are the same in all that type of machine, take a good look before you buy and work out how much each coffee portion costs , you will be surprised.

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