Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to stop my coffee maker from falling?

Q. I have bought a Bialetti expresso pot, but find that it only just sits on the gas hob. Today it fell off and spilt hot coffee everywhere. Does anyone know if I can buy something to fit on the gas hob so that it will sit securely?

A. You need a gas ring reducer. See below. I use one of these rings when using a Bialetti 3 cup espresso machine.

What is the best Bean to Cup Coffee Maker?
Q. I am considering Di Longhi, Krups or Siemens, But any info is most welcome. I don't want a cheap one, but something that will do lots of different coffees and is RELIABLE.

A. Gaggia are the most solid but pricey. DeLonghi has a better reputation than the Krups for reliability

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